Video Shows Fox Stealing a Bar of Chocolate From a Local Shop

Do you want to know where the expression “sly as a fox” came from? Then all you need to do is watch security camera footage recently captured at one shop in Sussex, United Kingdom.

The video, which garnered a lot of attention online, shows a fox confidently entering a shop and making its way to the treats section. After realizing no one is watching her, she grabs a bar of milk chocolate and swiftly runs away with her score. She probably had a sweet tooth and forgot her wallet at the lair.

The shop owner only noticed the unusual event when he reviewed the security camera footage after a few days and was so amused by it that he decided to send it to local non-profit Fox Guardians, who shared it on their Facebook page.

After the video went viral, some social media users expressed concern about animal’s well-being, considering chocolate is bad for them. This prompted the Fox Guardians team to share an update, saying that even if the fox had a bite, it didn’t do her any harm.

“This fox is doing well, even though it may have eaten some chocolate. It has seen in my friends garden multiple times,” Fox Guardians explained.

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