Fun Facts That Will Change the Way You Look at Leopard Geckos

If you’re thinking of welcoming a lizard into your home, leopard geckos are probably one of the first species you’ll take into consideration. They’re a popular pet species amongst reptile owners, and these interesting facts will help you gain a new appreciation for these adorable creatures.

They Have Eyelids

Most geckos have glassy transparent lenses over their eyes instead of eyelids, but leopard geckos are a rare exception to this rule.

Climbing Abilities

Another thing that separates the leopards from other gecko species is the lack of sticky lamellae, which means their climbing abilities aren’t that great.

Powerful Tails

Most geckos have tails that can regenerate when lost, and that’s also the case with this species. They can also use their tails as a food supply because they can store food inside them, in addition to using them to guard off predators.

Replaceable Teeth

One of the most interesting parts of the leopard geckos anatomy are their 100 tiny teeth. They have the ability to replace their teeth every three to four months, known as polyphyodonts.

Nocturnal Creatures

When not held in captivity, leopard geckos are nocturnal creatures. They avoid the heat of the day by sheltering in different hiding spots and hunt for food at dusk when the temperature is more favorable.

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