Alaina Michaels Prides Herself on Being a Bug Lady

Image via bugladyofficial/Instagram

Alaina Michaels has been fascinated by insects for as long as she can remember, and she’s celebrating their beauty on social media. She’s the mastermind behind the Instagram profile The Bug Lady, who’s using her platform to foster a community of people who are equally obsessed with the world of insects.

Michaels is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and collecting insects is much more than just a hobby. She’s an entomologist with a B.S. in organismal biology and a M.Sc. in ecology and evolutionary biology, who spends her days teaching biology at Trident Technical College and volunteering at The Charleston Museum as their resident insect collection curator.

Michaels eventually decided to share her fascination with insects on social media and people took notice. Her Instagram page The Bug Lady became a huge hit with people who are trying to learn more about these curious creatures, and she even started hosting workshops for everyone who’s in the mood to take a deeper dive into the world of entomology.

“Bug lady events have really taken shape over the last year. I host workshops on how to prepare insects as you would for scientific collections, teach all ages about the world of entomology, and will be launching some insect displays for sale on my stories,” she wrote on her Instagram.