How to Pick the Best Vet

As a pet owner, you want the best medical care for your furry or feathered friend. But how do you choose the best veterinarian?

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School Turns Into A Duck Highway For A Day

Oh this little ducklings! This is the most awesome video you will see all day. Glover Elementary School, each year, clears its hallways so...

Hamster Snacks on Tiny Croissant

Source: Tiny hamster enjoys tiny baked croissant by Hamstars

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What To Do When You Can’t Decide Between a Cat or Dog

Keep on reading for some useful information on choosing between a cat or a dog.

Heroic Family Dog Saves Lost 3 Year Old Alone In The Woods

  3 year old Carson decided to leave the grounds of his family farm and explore the nearby woods. After a while, Carson...

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Humpback Whale Saves Woman From Sharks

Source: Whale Protects Diver From Shark By Hiding Her Under Its Fin by Caters_News

Lemurs Who Have Fallen In Love With The Sunshine

All animals appreciate a little sunshine. But these adorable lemurs have the funniest way of expressing it.

This Cat Has the Best Way to Say She’s Tired

Source: Silly Cat Has A Really Funny Way Of Telling Her Owner She's Tired by ViralHog

Running for Ages 50+

As our life expectancy steadily increases, middle-age is not what it used to mean and folks in their fifties are hitting the pavement and staying active. Still, as we age, our bodies change and for runners in the 50+ category, there are some useful things to keep in mind.

This Guy Got Photobombed By a Whale

Think hard for a second about your coolest selfie on Instagram..

The Perfect Home For Your Cat

The Belgian designer Delphine Courier has created the perfect cat home for the modern apartment. The CatCube is a geometric, foldable nest for your cats to live and play in. The box is made from recycle cardboard and the boxes are easy to assemble with no glue or tools needed. The box comes in a series of beautiful patterns and colors to suit different interior spaces. They are not only beautiful, they are environmentally friendly. You can purchase these awesome cat homes for your furry friends online at

It’s Now Legal To Break Into Cars In Tennessee

Well... only if there's a dog inside. It's a sad fact, but there are thousands of animals across the United States that die in the summer months because their ignorant, heartless and neglectful pet owners leave them locked inside their cars in the scorching heat. The poor pups are stuck and if they are not let out, they can dehydrate and eventually die. It's a terrible fact, but true.

This Company Will Pay You for Cuddling With Kittens All Day Long

Looking for a job? Trying to change position? Whether you are employed or not, this might be your next job. Here you go: One vet clinic in Ireland just announced they are hiring a full-time cat-cuddler. Yes, you read well, a cat cuddler. All you have to do is cuddle a cat. You'll spend your day with cats, cuddle with them and enjoy.

Dogs Save The Day – Real Stories Of Dogs Rescuing Their Humans

We all know dogs are a man’s best friend. But it's not until you read these heroic stories that you truly understand the deep connection we have with our furry friends.

Boston Cops Build Refuge for Stray Cat Who Basically Lives On Their Base

The Roxbury neighborhood police in Boston have adopted a calico stray cat that they’ve named “SWAT Cat” since she has been living at the police department since 2013. Due to the cat squatting on the police department’s premises, it has managed to sneak into the Special Weapons and Tactics room several times, earning her the SWAT Cat nickname. The cat recently went missing for a while, and police officers from the neighborhood were worried for her.