These Giant Cats Are Real Pets

The internet seems to be head over comment section in love with cats. So what’s even better that adorable cat pics? Why, GIANT adorable cats of course. Here are some of the internet’s most gargantuan felines, whose robust figure are only matched by their fluffy adorableness.

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The Mystery Of The Green Cat

In the Black Sea town of Varna, Bulgaria, a mysterious citizen has been roaming the streets. The wild cat had neighbors snapping pics in delight as they noticed his fur was a vivid shade of green. It seems he had been playing in a construction yard and had fallen asleep in a puddle of spilled paint.

Hating Your Job Now May Come Back to Haunt You

The latest research shows that having poor job satisfaction may come back to bite you later on in the form of some troubling mental health symptoms. Researchers at Ohio State University presented their findings on the matter at the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting in Ohio and warned that the effects can start showing up as early as your 40s.

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This Cat Has the Best Way to Say She’s Tired

Source: Silly Cat Has A Really Funny Way Of Telling Her Owner She's Tired by ViralHog

Running for Ages 50+

As our life expectancy steadily increases, middle-age is not what it used to mean and folks in their fifties are hitting the pavement and staying active. Still, as we age, our bodies change and for runners in the 50+ category, there are some useful things to keep in mind.

Daily Hotlist

Dog Visits His Dying Owner in Hospital for Final Goodbye

When 33-year-old Ryan Jessen suddenly passed away from a brain hemorrhage, hospital staff showed a much-unexpected gesture. “The hospital did the sweetest thing for us and allowed us to bring my brother’s dog in to ‘say goodbye’ so she’d know why her human never came home. If you knew my brother, he really loved his sweet dog,” Ryan’s sister Michelle wrote on her Facebook page.

This Company Will Pay You for Cuddling With Kittens All Day Long

Looking for a job? Trying to change position? Whether you are employed or not, this might be your next job. Here you go: One vet clinic in Ireland just announced they are hiring a full-time cat-cuddler. Yes, you read well, a cat cuddler. All you have to do is cuddle a cat. You'll spend your day with cats, cuddle with them and enjoy.

There’s A Dog Thats Best Friends with A Pony and Its Everything

We’ve all seen animal friendships before, but we’ve never seen such a special animal friendship. Monza and Casper have been friends for years now, ever since Monza the dog trained himself to jump on Casper’s back and ride him. This precious friendship proves once again that friends come in different shapes, sizes, and types. See the full video above.

Dogs Save The Day – Real Stories Of Dogs Rescuing Their Humans

We all know dogs are a man’s best friend. But it's not until you read these heroic stories that you truly understand the deep connection we have with our furry friends.

Boston Cops Build Refuge for Stray Cat Who Basically Lives On Their Base

The Roxbury neighborhood police in Boston have adopted a calico stray cat that they’ve named “SWAT Cat” since she has been living at the police department since 2013. Due to the cat squatting on the police department’s premises, it has managed to sneak into the Special Weapons and Tactics room several times, earning her the SWAT Cat nickname. The cat recently went missing for a while, and police officers from the neighborhood were worried for her.

A Woman’s Best Friend

Some of us wish we could take our pets everywhere and some celebs do. Whether they are out with friends, shopping or on a film set, these celebs are always seen with their furry companions.

Man Makes Tiny Hats for Toads

When the little boy of 43-year-old Chris Newsome’s friend lost his frog, the man decided to do something funny and creative to cheer him up.

15 Year Old Dying Dog Lives to See Owner Getting Married

As time went by, Kelly met James Garvin, and they fell in love. Kelly and James (both veterinarians) got married that September, and they wanted 15-year-old Charlie to be there. Sadly, Charlie had been diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year, and he was very weak. He had 5 seizures the week before the wedding, and Kelly was getting ready to put him down.


You made it! The week is basically over and you have real reason to celebrate. Wait just a minute before you go crazy with pre-weekend parties and think about all you have accomplished. You basically have a perfect week behind you, and since you have come this far you might as well finish things right. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you finish off your perfect week, perfectly.

The Cappuccino And The Cat

For all the cat lovers out there, this might be what you call ‘the best idea in the world’. Others might think it is downright whacky.