Woman Saves an Abandoned Mini Horse Baby and Raises it in Her House

A horse is a type of animal that is best suited to live outdoors or in a stable. However, that didn’t stop a woman named Catherine from taking in an abandoned mini horse baby named Addie and raising it in her house.

Addie was prematurely born and abandoned by its mother shortly after. The mother would kick the baby horse and didn’t want to have anything with it. Even the veterinarian couldn’t do anything to create a bond between the two, and it seemed like there was nothing anyone could do to save the foal.

At that point, Catherine decided to step in and take Addie. She brought it to her home, fed the baby horse, took care of it, and did everything to help it survive.

Catherine’s effort paid off as Addie grew up to be an energetic mini horse who quickly made friends with the family’s dogs. It also developed a habit of running around the house and chewing everything in its sight. 

“Our house is definitely not made for a horse so we have moved our kitchen island out of the kitchen it’s pretty much destroyed now anyway she’s chewed most of it,” Catherine told The Dodo in a recent chat.

Now, Addie has become strong enough to be able to be outdoors and take care of itself. Catherine found it a new home on a farm but regularly visits the horse and shares their adventures on social media.

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