Dog Doesn’t Realize How Ball-Throwing Machine Works in This Funny Video

Ball-throwing machines are a great invention. Your dog can entertain themselves for hours and get some exercise when you’re busy. However, as a recent funny video shared on TikTok shows, figuring out how the machine works can be challenging for some dogs.

The way ball-throwing machines function is that the dog needs to return the ball to the machine once they fetch it so it can be thrown again. But one Spanish water dog named Cora didn’t realize this and got “angry” at the machine when it stopped distributing balls.

In a clip shared on social media, Cora can be stomping her paws on the floor before “hitting” the machine in hopes it will continue playing with her. Cora’s owner tries to explain to the her that she needs to place a ball inside but the pupper sticks to her method.

“Miss Corazon may have anger issues,” Cora’s owner wrote in the caption of the video.

The clip of Cora getting angry on the ball-throwing machine quickly spread on social media, receiving 12.2 million views in just a couple of days and leaving TikTok users in stitches.

“she doesn’t want solutions. she just wants answers,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“Cora woke up and chose violence today!” another added.

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