Here is Why Cats Stretch So Often

You probably noticed that cats stretch quite often, even in the most unexpected moments. But have you ever wondered why they do it? For cats, stretching is a common behavior and can happen for a number of reasons. Here are the most common ones.

They Are Communicating

Cats use stretching as a way of communication. If you see a cat stretching next to you, they are likely trying to tell you something. It might be a way to announce their presence, a call to attention, or just a way to say they are happy to see you.

They Are Marking Their Territory

When cats stretch, they might be marking their territory. During stretching, they leave their scent on the ground thanks to scent glands located in their paws while also making scratching marks with their claws.

They Are Waking Up

After a nap, cats need to get their muscles warmed up and blood flowing. Stretching is a great way to achieve this quickly, and they are ready to run around and play in no time.

They Are Exercising

Finally, the cat might be just exercising. Felines need to be active to keep their flexibility and mobility at peak conditions and stretching is one way to do it.

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