Mother and Daughter Discover Their Hotel Room Was Already Occupied By an Adorable Ball of Fur

During their recent trip from Ohio to California, one mother and daughter decided to book a room at a Texas hotel to spend the night and get some rest. However, once they entered the room, they discovered that it was already occupied by an adorable ball of fur.

According to a story shared by Amarillo, Texas-based non-profit Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center on social media, the mother and daughter entered the bathroom and saw a prairie dog resting in the bathtub.

After recovering from the initial surprise, they noticed the hotel staff, which gave a call to Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation. The rescuers swiftly arrived to the scene and got the animal into a carrier before taking it to their facility.

“The extraction went smoothly, leaving a heartwarming anecdote for the family and friends to cherish. Welcome to Texas!,” Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center wrote in a Facebook post. “On a side note, the hotel manager was very kind and handled this beautifully.”

Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center added in the comments section that they don’t know how the animal ended up in the hotel room or in the area, considering there “is no prairie dog town nearby.” The rescued prairie dog spent several days on observation before being released to the wild.

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