Viral Video Shows How Cat Acts Differently With Dad and Mom

Cats can often seem like they have multiple personalities. Sometimes they are all cuddly and sweet, another time they are all energetic and want to play, and sometimes they just flat ignore you.

TikTok user Lauren Huntington recently captured this quirky trait of felines in a viral video. The clip shows how her cat acts differently when she’s around her dad and when she’s around her mom.

When she’s with her dad, the cat is full of energy and wants to jump around and play with him. But when she’s with her mom, the kitten just wants to get as many snuggles as she can and is the sweetest furry thing ever.

The difference is so stark that Huntington sometimes wonders whether her household has more than one cat.

“It is like living with two different cats,” Huntington shared in the caption of the video, which received 3.8 million since being posted earlier this month.


It is like living with two different cats #cat #catsoftiktok

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It turned out that Huntington’s cat isn’t the only one behaving this way because a lot of social media users found the video quite relatable.

“This is my cat but I’m single so I’m mum and dad depending on his mood,” one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

“my cat is your cat’s TWIN and it is the exact same dynamic,” another added.

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