We’re Jealous of This Golden Retriever’s Spa Day, And You’ll Be Too

All dog owners want to spoil their pups in the best way possible. This can be anything from giving them extra treats, surprising them with new toys, or giving them a grooming treatment. But one dog owner has taken a step further in spoiling their dog and making the internet jealous in the process.

In a video recently shared on TikTok, an adorable Golden Retriever named Sunday is seen enjoying a spa day. It starts with Sunday’s owner giving her a face massage, raking her fur, cleaning her face with a water spray, and placing slices of cucumber on her face.

Next, the Sunday gets a jade roller treatment before having her paws massaged and cleaned. After a few extra touchups, the dog has her fur brushed.

Throughout the entire thing, Sunday is visibly enjoying the pampering and gets so relaxed that she falls asleep at one point.

Other TikTok users praised Sunday’s owner for giving her so much attention and love in the comments section, while there were even some who “envied” the dog.

“That looks so spectacular for that baby,” one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

“Lol, I cannot!!!! This is everything!!! I want Sundays life!!!” another added.

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