Courageous Dog Saves His Owner From an Icy Lake

Dogs provide us with love and affection while being there for us in our toughest moments. One Michigan man recently learned this after a courageous pupper saved his life after he fell into an icy lake.

The 65-year-old man was checking the frozen Arbutus Lake in Traverse City, Michigan, for fishing conditions when the ice cracked beneath him and caused him to fall into the cold water. The man was unable to get out on his own, causing the bystanders to call 911.

Police officer Kammeron Bennetts arrived first on the scene and immediately started to hash out a rescue plan. Since he didn’t know the conditions of the ice, Bennetts couldn’t reach the man himself. However, the man’s dog Ruby, a Brittany bird hunting breed, gladly volunteered to bring her owner the rescue disc.

Bennetts’ body cam footage, which was later shared on social media by MSP Seventh District, shows the police officer calling Ruby over and attaching the rescue disc to her collar. Ruby then races to her owner and hands him over the disc.

Bennetts, with some help from other first responders, manages to pull the man onto the shore. The man was taken to the hospital and was released the same day.

After having his life saved by his beloved pet, the man said that he’d make sure to reward Ruby with some tasty food while also treating her to her favorite activity: hunting.

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