Watch a Group of Happy Dogs Enjoy a Ride on a Doggy School Bus

We discovered a new entry on the best jobs ever list; doggy school bus driver. And no, we are not making stuff up. There is a man named Denzel Morrison from Calgary, Canada, who actually does this job every day and enjoys every moment of it.

Morrison, who is an expert dog trainer, runs a dog service called Ruff and Puff. As part of the service, he takes his doggy school bus, picks up dogs from their homes, and takes them to a private park where they can run around and play. After playing time is over, he drops them off, “tired and happy”.

Morrison regularly shares his doggy school bus rides on social media, and they are a joy to watch.

The dogs don’t just get a fun ride and exciting time in the park. Morrison makes sure to make every dog feel special by celebrating their birthdays and rewarding them with treats for good behavior.

“My clients always telling me that they’re so happy the dogs are on the bus they noticed that their dog is more outgoing after coming on the bus a couple times and they’re really happy to see the bus,” says Morrison.

Check out more of these fun rides below.

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