Insects Get to Live Their Second Life in Marinea Heindel’s Victorian Art

Art has the power to revive things and creatures long gone, and that’s certainly the case with Marinea Heindel’s stunning creations. She has a special talent for creating peculiar, Victorian-inspired art that will help you change the way you look at insects.

Heindel is known as Insect Mother on Instagram, and she certainly lives up to this quirky nickname. She attracted over 60,000 followers to her page with her unique art pieces, which are a true love letter to the natural world – especially moths, butterflies, and other insects.

Heindel spent her childhood playing with butterflies, beetles, and cicadas in Southern Maryland, and this experience shaped her for the years to come. She fell in love with insects and never looked back, and they eventually became the centerpiece of her art.

Her love for nature didn’t fade away once she got older, and she decided to learn more about the proper identification and habitats of flora and fauna by studying natural resources and wildlife technology during her college years.

Heindel’s pieces blend her love for nature with her obsession with Victorian art. She uses vintage frames and arranges preserved insects inside them, along with pressed flowers and leaves that truly bring out the best in them.

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