Utah Cat Was Found at Amazon Warehouse After Sneaking Into a Return Box

Cats are pretty sneaky creatures, but one kitty from Utah took things to a whole new level. Galena disappeared without a trace and her owners spent almost a week trying to find her before she resurfaced at an Amazon warehouse after sneaking into a return box.

Galena is a six-year-old indoor shorthair cat, who lives in Lehi, Utah with her owners Carrie and Matt Clark. She mysteriously went missing last month, and her owners tore her house down trying to find her, before distributing fliers all around her neighborhood in the hope someone had seen her.

After six days of frantic search, Carrie Clark received a call from Southern California, informing her that Galena was 630 miles away from home. She was found at an Amazon return warehouse, after climbing into a return box, and managed to survive almost a week without food or water.

“The cat was very disoriented and very weak. It’s absolutely incredible that she survived… I knew 100 percent this was an accident. There are so many people who don’t understand how this could happen, but they’ve obviously never owned a cat,” Brandy Hunter, a process assistant at Amazon, told The Washington Post.

Clark broke down in tears after learning what happened to Galena but jumped on a plane as fast as she could to bring her back home. The reunion was pretty emotional, and Clark was happy to see that Galena was in good health despite everything she went through.

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