50,000 Bees Were Found Behind Toddler’s “Monster Wall”

When Ashley Class’s daughter told her there was a monster in her wall, she thought her imagination was running wild, but it turned out her heart was in the right place. The voices wouldn’t stop coming out of the wall, and it eventually turned out that the hive of 50,000 bees was the cause behind all the buzz.

Class’s daughter was convinced there was a monster hiding inside her wall, and her mom eventually decided to take action. She called pest control after noticing a few bees entering the attic of their 100-year-old farmhouse, but several beekeepers told them they were not in the house yet.

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Everything changed when Curtis Collins came into the picture and used a thermal camera to discover there was a whole hive behind the wall. He knocked the wall down and what happened next was pretty terrifying to witness.

“Bees came swarming out like a horror movie. There were streams of bees, and the wall where he hit was oozing honey. But it looked like blood because it was really, really dark, running down my daughter’s pink walls. It looked really strange,” she told People.

A beehive of 50,000 bees was discovered behind the wall, weighing more than 100 pounds. Class tried to keep as many alive as possible with Collins’ help, who moved the surviving bees to a local sanctuary after managing to find the queen.

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