These Fun Facts About Frogs Will Surprise You

In fairytales, frogs usually turn out to be princes or princesses under a curse, waiting for someone to give them a kiss and help them return to their old form. In real life, frogs are just frogs, but that doesn’t make them any less interesting. Check out these fun facts, and you’ll find out why.

Frogs Eat Their Skin

Most frog species shed their skin on a weekly basis. They don’t let it go to waste and usually eat it afterward. This one might sound disgusting to us, but frogs really don’t care as long as they have something to snack on.

Frogs Use Eyes to Swallow Its Meal

If you ever watched a frog eat a bug, you probably noticed it blinked. This isn’t an expression of satisfaction. As it turns out, the frogs push their eye bulbs downwards at this moment, which helps them swallow their meal.

A Group of Frogs is Called an Army

When frogs get together, they form an army. They might not be planning to attack someone, but this is an expression that experts use. And it is so cool if you ask us.

Some Frogs Can Weigh Seven Pounds

We usually picture frogs as tiny hopping reptiles. However, some frog species can be much larger than you might imagine. The Goliath frog, which can be found in parts of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, can grow more than two feet in length and weigh up to seven pounds.

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