Dog Owner Reveal 3 Stages of Owning a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog companions for Americans. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering they are friendly, adorable, playful, and intelligent. But, if you are thinking about adopting one, you should know that there are stages of owning a golden retriever.

In a recent video shared on TikTok, one dog owner decided to share the three stages of owning a Golden Retriever based on her dog Charlie.

The first stage is “a cute tiny potato” phase, during which your goldie’s cuteness will negate all of its naughty behavior. As Charlie’s owner puts it, “they get away with a murder” in this stage.

The next phase is “oh no, what have we done.” During this stage, the Golden Retrievers maintain their puppy behavior but are “10x bigger, so they are 10x a greater wrecking ball”.. Additionally, they don’t sleep as much during the day as they used to, so they are constantly doing mischievous things.

Finally, the third stage is “wish he was still a puppy”. This is when Golden Retrievers calm down and are not interested in constantly running around the house. According to Charlie’s owner, at this point, you’ll start missing all the chaos.

“Only giving glimpses of stage 3… still very much in stage 2,” shared Charlie’s owner in the caption of the video that got 3.9 million views.

Check out the clip in full below.

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