3 Things Worth Remembering When Trying to See Beluga Whales in the Wild

Beluga whales are some of the most magnificent creatures of the ocean, and everyone should see them at least once in a lifetime. They’re often held in captivity, so it’s easy to see them at aquariums and oceanariums, but if you want to watch them in their natural habitats, our brief guide will help you get it done.

Right Time

If you’re thinking of going whale watching, you’ll have to time your adventure perfectly. Summertime is usually the best time to see belugas in their natural habitat since they have a habit of migrating to shallow coastal waters during the warm summer months.

Right Location

You can’t simply spot beluga whales wherever there is ocean and it’s crucial to be in the right place. Canada is the most popular beluga-watching location in the world, especially Churchill, Manitoba, and Cunningham Inlet, but they can also be spotted in Greenland, Alaska, and Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, especially if you join one of the local whale-watching tours.

Right Equipment

You won’t always be able to spot beluga whales with your bare eyes, so it’s important to bring the right equipment. Bring binoculars or a camera with a long-focus lens if you want to catch a better view, and arm yourself with patience because you’ll have to wait for them to emerge to the surface.

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