German Shepherd Caught on Camera “Protecting” His Home from a Bee

German Shepherds are among the best guard dogs out there. They have a natural instinct to protect their humans and home and take their job quite seriously, always on the lookout for any potential threat.

In a recent video shared by TikTok user Ally Whyte, one German Sheppard can be seen taking his job perhaps too seriously. The dog spots a bee on the porch of the family home and immediately gets into protective mode.

The German Sheppard tries to catch the bee with his mouth a number of times, but each time, the insect manages to escape. Eventually, the bee decides it’s not worth it and flies away while the pupper continues to look around in order to make sure he did his job successfully.

The video received one million views since being a week ago, with TikTok users praising the dog for his actions. Some users also shared stories about how their German Shepherds also have beef with bees.

“Glad to see my German Shepherds aren’t the only ones who go after flying insects! My one likes to go after bees if she sees them in bushes!” one user commented.

“My German shepherd got stung once she dose the same thing lmao,” another added.

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