Adorable Video Shows a Little Boy Tucking in His Cat for Bedtime Snuggles

Kids and their pets often develop a special bond that is a joy to witness. A recent viral video shared on TikTok captures it perfectly.

The video features a little boy named Bobby tucking in his cat Freddy under his blanket and then giving him some bedtime snuggles. At one point, Bobby even tried to give Freddy his pacifier, presumably to help him fall asleep faster. 

“Hows the cough followed by a kiss. Bedtime snuggles in front of the fire, all tucked in,” it says in the caption of the video.


Hows the cough followed by a kiss 🤣Bedtime snuggles in front of the fire, all tucked in. #cats #catsofinstagram #kitten #freddyandbobby #funnycats #catsoftiktok #persiancat

♬ Thank You for Being You – OctaSounds

Bobby and Freddy’s bedtime snuggles ended up quickly spreading across social media, with the video receiving 3.8 million views since being shared earlier in May. The TikTok users were quite impressed with the relationship between the two and made it known in the comments section.

“Amazing how Freddie is soooo patient! What an amazing cat!” one person commented.

“This is the sweetest interaction I’ve seen between a pet and a child,” another added.

Bobby and Freddy’s loving friendship can be seen in several other videos shared on their joint profile. They show the pair embarking on all sorts of adventures and sharing a lot more adorable moments.

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