Butterflies Get to Live Their Second Life Through Moth & Petal’s Art

Butterflies don’t have an extremely long life span after they hatch, but one talented artist found a way for them to stick around a little bit longer. Rita of Moth & Petal is preserving butterflies and insects through her art, breathing new life into these wonderful creatures.

Rita is a talented entomology enthusiast based in Australia, who learned to pin and preserve insects long before she decided to share her talent with the world. She developed this skill while studying ecology and biodiversity conservation at university, and her love for insects never faded away.

After falling in love with the diversity and wonder of the world of entomology, she decided to share her passion with the world and put an artistic twist on the way we see insects. Her framed butterflies are a sight to behold, and they’re doing a great job preserving the beauty of creatures that would live for just a few weeks or days in a meaningful and lasting way.

When it comes to sourcing insects for her art, Rita is very open about the fact she’s getting them from reputable and sustainable insect farms. They’re pretty polarizing among entomologists, but Rita believes that the good outweighs the bad because they usually release large portions of butterflies back to nature, despite raising them in captivity.

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