Cool Facts About Red Pandas You’ll Want to Share With Your Friends

Red pandas might not look anything like giant pandas, but we can all agree that they are just as cute. Continue reading to find out some cool facts about red pandas you’ll want to share with your friends.

Red Pandas Are the Original “Pandas”

Interestingly, red pandas are actually considered the original pandas. They were first documented in 1825, while the giant pandas were first described in 1869. They both got their name from the Nepalese word “ponya”, which means “bamboo eater”, which describes their diet.

Red Pandas Spend Most of Their Time Sleeping and Eating

Red pandas have the perfect lifestyle: they just sleep and eat. This is mainly due to the low nutrition content of the food they eat, meaning that they need to conserve their energy.

Red Pandas Have an Interesting Defense Mechanism

When they feel threatened, red pandas will stand on their hind legs. They do this in order to make themselves look larger, hoping to intimidate their aggressor.

Red Pandas Rely on Their Tail More Than You Would Expect

One of the most recognizable features of red pandas is their thick tail. They rely on it more than you would expect, using it to keep balance, as a source of warmth, and as a pillow to rest their head on.

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