Kristaps Sils is Having the Time of His Life with His Lizard Buddy

Iguanas can be amazing pets if you’re patient enough to take care of them—and Kristaps Sils’ pet lizard certainly tested his patience a few times. From stealing his food to climbing up anywhere he can, his iguana Buddy is always up to some shenanigans, but that’s not stopping them from having the time of their lives by each other’s side.

Kristaps Sils hails from Latvia, but he currently lives in Ireland and shares his home in Mullingar with an unusual pet. He describes his iguana Buddy as “the friendliest dragon in the world” and their videos attracted 30 million views and two million followers on TikTok alone.

Sils decided to share Buddy’s videos with the world because he wanted people to understand the unique bond that can exist between humans and reptiles. He admits that many people are shocked to see how well he gets along with Buddy, but that’s the main point of his videos, showing people that reptiles can be tamed and make great pets.

You can find all sorts of videos on the duo’s TikTok and Instagram page @lizardthebuddy, but the ones that caught everyone’s eye show Buddy stealing Kristaps’ food. Luckily, he’s not a picky pet and seems to enjoy everything from bananas to raspberries.

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