Gaia is Living Her Best Life with Her Hermann’s Tortoise Mia

Tortoises can make really amazing pets, and the 25-year-old woman Gaia learned this first-hand when Mia walked into her life. This adorable Hermann’s tortoise inspired Gaia to learn everything there is to know about tortoise care, and she’s now sharing her knowledge with the rest of the world.

Gaia is a 25-year-old tortoise lover from Italy, who currently resides in New York with her pet tortoise Mia. They’ve been inseparable since late 2022, and Mia was still a hatchling, fresh out of the soil when Gaia decided she wanted to adopt her.

Mia is the first tortoise that Gaia owned, but she wasn’t totally inexperienced when she adopted her because she’s taken care of a lot of turtles in the past. She was a tortoise lover and endless researcher since her childhood years, and it came in handy that she had a tortoise breeder in her family growing up.

Gaia decided to start an Instagram page for Mia shortly after adopting her and used it to mix several of her passions into one. She studied to be a teacher, in addition to attending a few courses about digital marketing and content creation, and that’s why her Instagram page is filled with educational content. She’s using her platform to build a community of tortoise lovers, who are willing to share their knowledge about these amazing creatures with the world.

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