Foster Dog Freya “Finally Has Confidence to Cuddle” and it is an Adorable Sight

Foster dogs are often shy when they arrive at their foster home. It is a big change for them, and it can take time before they settle in. However, watching them get comfortable is so heartwarming, as a recent video shared on TikTok shows.

The clip, posted by user @goth_pack, shows a foster dog Freya “finally” becoming confident enough to cuddle with another four-legged member of her foster family, pit bull Labrador mix Briggs. While Freya’s interpretation of cuddling is unusual, as she is lying on top of confused Briggs, it is still an adorable sight.

“When your little foster dog finally has the confidence to cuddle but she’s still a bit awkward,” @goth_pack wrote in the text displayed on the video. TikToker also added that Briggs is “such an angel with small dogs.”

As you might have guessed, Freya’s attempt to cuddle melted the hearts of other TikTok users, who called it “adorable” and “sweetest.” And it turns out that this awkward form of cuddling isn’t all that uncommon.

“My foster gal does that to my bigger pit they lay like that for hours,” @njmomof2weirdos wrote in the comments section.

If you ask us, there is no doubt that Freya will soon be fully comfortable in her new home and get all forms of cuddles possible.  

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