5 Most-Googled Shark Questions Answered

Sharks are one of the most fascinating creatures living underwater, and people have feared them for centuries. This probably led to many misconceptions about these sea-dwellers, but we’re here with the answers to some of the most Googled questions about sharks.

Are Sharks Mammals?

Since the ocean’s gentle giants, whales, happen to be marine mammals, many people believe it’s the same with sharks, but that’s not the case. They’re classified as fish and don’t share many characteristics with mammals.

Do Sharks Sleep?

Many believe that sharks can’t sleep because they have to keep swimming to stay alive. This is a common misconception, and some species of sharks can have short periods of rest, but they’re nothing alike human sleep.

Can Sharks Smell Blood?

Many people fear sharks because they believe they can smell blood from miles away. This is an exaggeration, but sharks do have a very strong sense of smell.

Do Sharks Have Bones?

Unlike most other fish species, sharks do not have bones. Their skeletons are made of cartilage, a connective tissue found in the human ear and nose.

Do Sharks Lay Eggs?

When it comes to laying eggs, the answer is both “yes” and “no” when it comes to sharks. Some species give birth to live young, but about 40% of them are oviparous and lay eggs.

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