Watch a Brave Beagle Scare Away an Alligator

While beagles are not usually considered guard dogs, this doesn’t mean they don’t have their humans’ backs in dangerous situations. Recently, one brave beagle helped his owner deal with a scary alligator.

TikTok user Natalia Rojas recently shared a video showing her trying to chase away an alligator that made itself comfortable in her backyard. But after her pleas didn’t give any results, her beagle Pinto Pinto decided to take matters into his own paws.

Pinto can be seen rushing to the glass door and barking at the alligator while striking an imposing stance. As soon as the alligator sees the dog, he quickly starts running away and heads to the nearby lake.


(For licensing or usage, contact [email protected]) Want me to build a fence? Purchase my products. Link in bio. Florida things! We are moving… #alligator #floridaalligator #floridaman #onlyinflorida

♬ original sound – Natalia Rojas Art

Pinto’s bravery ended up amazing the TikTok users, with the video being viewed 58 million times. It also received more than 75K comments.

“He said see you later, alligator,” one user jokingly wrote in the comments section.

“That alligator didn’t want no smoke,” another added.

As it turns out, this wasn’t the first encounter between Pinto and the alligator. Rojas later shared a “prequel” video that shows the first time that the same alligator came around and how Pinto’s barks made him go away.


This was the first day we saw it. I have been calling him Ricardo but it needs a better name. Suggestions? For those worried about Pinto and my kids. They are never left outside alone. #alligator #alligatorsoftiktok #floridaalligator #floridaalligators #florida #floridathings

♬ original sound – Natalia Rojas Art

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