Dog Makes a Daring Escape From a Daycare

Dog daycares are places where dogs can play, hang around with the members of their species, and have fun while their owners are away. However, even in this kind of environment, their instinct for freedom can kick in, as shown in a recent viral video shared by daycare center PUPS Pet Club.

In the video, a bunch of dogs can be seen running around a daycare room. However, one dog named Charlie isn’t interested in doing the same; he is focused on executing a daring escape plan.

Charlie discovers a step stool in the corner of the room and manages to open it and pull it toward a wall that is used to keep the dogs safe during their playtime. The dog then climbs the step stool and jumps over the wall towards freedom.

Luckily, Charlie’s stunt didn’t cause him any harm, and he didn’t get far before being detained and handed to his owners. However, his actions probably made him a legend among other dogs in the daycare.

“You’ve got to see it to believe it! Charlie is one smart cookie,” PUPS Pet Club wrote in the caption of the video which received close to 50K likes since being posted on Instagram in late April.

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