Watch a Daschund Keep on Ringing the Bell to Go Outside

When dogs want to enjoy the outdoors, they can be relentless in trying to get their owners to get them out for a walk. In a recent viral video shared on TikTok, a Daschund named Willow can be seen repeatedly hitting a small bell. As it turns out, Willow was trained to ring the bell anytime she wanted to go out, and as soon as she noticed nice weather outside, she put her training to use. To further make her case, the pupper is also giving her owner a begging look.

The video ended up getting more than 16 million views and received more than thousands of comments from TikTok users who enjoyed it.

“So patiently impatient,” one TikToker commented.

“Does not break eye contact. DING,” another added.

If you are wondering how to teach your dog to give you the same heads up when it wants to go outside, Willow’s owner shared her method in a follow-up video. According to her, she first trained Willow to press the bell using treats and then taught her that ringing the bell means going outside. However, keep in mind that you will probably hear that ring all the time.

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