Woman Believes She Adopted a “Calm” Cat, But She’s In for a Big Surprise

When looking to adopt a cat, people will usually pick out the one that immediately captures their attention because of some particular trait. For example, TikToker Gabrielle Chabot recently went to an animal shelter and was drawn to a feline that looked the “calmest.”

While all cats are energetic, some display it more often than others, and that can be too much for some people. That is why you can’t blame Chabot for wanting to live with a kitty that will create less chaos wherever she goes. But unfortunately for her, things didn’t work out for her that way. 

In a viral video posted on social media, Chabot revealed that her plan to adopt a “calm” cat backfired in an epic fashion. Once she brought it home, it turned out that this was the “liveliest” cat of them all. It has been jumping all over the house, sticking its head into glass, breaking mirrors, and more.

“My kitten is crazy help,” Chabot wrote in the caption of her video, which already got two million views.

Other TikTok users were amused by Chabot’s clip and used an opportunity to crack a few jokes in the comments section. 

“I think you just caught him tired after all the chaos he probably caused earlier,” one user wrote.

“He was calm until you gave it freedom,” another added.

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