Cat Has a Hilarious Reaction to Dog’s Sneeze

Having someone sneeze next to you is always startling. But whether your reaction to this may be, it is nothing compared to how one cat reacted when her dog sibling sneezed right in her face.

In a hilarious viral video shared on TikTok, a cat and a dog can be seen hanging out on a sofa. At one point, the dog turns to the cat and sneezes so hard that the feline jumps in the air.

After the cat recovered from the initial shock, she returned to the sofa, where the dog tried to say he’she was sorry.


When you accidentally capture a funny moment with the pets 🐶🐱#catanddog #funnysneeze

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The video ended up receiving 2.9 million views since being posted in March, with TikTok users sharing their amusements in the comments section.

“The cat was blown like a feather,” one user wrote.

“Someone ask the cat how his surprise trip to the ceiling was,” another added.

A lot of people who don’t have a dog in their household don’t even realize that sneezing is a common occurrence with dogs. They tend to sneeze when their nose gets irritated, just like we do, but are also known to sneeze when they want to talk to another dog or simply want to share their excitement.

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