5 Sea-lly Facts That Will Make You Fall in Love with Seals

Seals are one of the most adorable marine mammals, and it’s not difficult to see why they’re so beloved. If you’re in the mood to impress someone with your knowledge about these joyful creatures, here are five fun facts that will help you seal the deal!

Pinniped Mammals

Seals belong to the group of marine mammals known as “pinnipeds”, along with sea lions. They’re distantly related to raccoons, skunks, and even red pandas.

Sleeping in the Water

Seals aren’t extremely picky when it comes to finding a perfect sleeping spot. They have a habit of sleeping in unusual places, including underwater, but with half of their brain awake so they can escape predators.

No Earless Seals

Earless seals, also known as true seals, are one of the most notable seal species. Despite what their name might suggest, they actually have ears, but it’s impossible to see them because they’re covered beneath their skin.

Holding Their Breath

Seals are also excellent divers, mostly because they can spend long periods underwater since they can hold their breath for up to two hours.

Vocal Animals

Despite being able to spend a lot of time holding their breath, seals are usually pretty chatty creatures. They use an impressive set of vocalizations to communicate, especially mothers and cubs, who can recognize each other’s voice even years later.

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