Heartwarming Video Shows a Kitten Snuggling With a Rottweiler

Rottweilers often get labeled as dangerous and scary. But the truth is that they can be sweethearts like every other dog there. And if there was any doubt about the latter, this pair of videos posted by TikTok user @beckkyd will surely make them disappear.

The TikToker recently welcomed a rescue kitten named Bruno into her family. At first, she was worried about how her female Rottweiler Isla would react to the newcomer, but there was no reason for that.

Isla welcomed Bruno straight away, happily allowing the playful cat to use her as a slide and then returning all the cuddles he gave her.

A few weeks later, @beckkyd managed to capture an even more heartwarming video that shows the affection the two share. It was a “Lazy Sunday,” and Isla was taking a nap. It wasn’t long before Bruno wanted to join in, snuggling tightly alongside Isla.

Speaking with Newsweek, @beckkyd shared that the two share “a very special bond and love to chase each other around the house and play together.”

“I’ve been absolutely amazed by their bond. I could sit for hours and watch them together. Lots of people have commented on TikTok about how gentle and cute they are together,” the TikToker added.

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