Kind Human Saves Ringtail From Fry Oil Disposal Container

Ringtails are the state mammal of Arizona, but you’ll rarely see them in person. They are solitary animals that are most active at night. One saloon staffer from Tortilla Flat recently managed to get a glimpse of one, but it was far from a joyful occasion.

After checking the saloon’s fry oil disposal container, the staffer discovered there was an animal inside. They quickly got the animal out and tried to clean it before contacting the local animal organization, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center.

It turned out that the animal was a ringtail, which dropped in the container under unknown circumstances. The container was fairly empty but due to rainwater that got mixed with oil, the ringtail was unable to get out by itself.

Fortunately, the quick reaction by the saloon staffer and Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center ended up saving the ringtail’s life. While the entire experience left the animal shocked, it started getting better once it received a “warm bath, oil removal, and a full checkup.” According to a social media post shared by the organization, the ringtail is now healthy and is expected to completely recover soon.

“He has currently received a clean bill of health and is feeling stronger everyday, “Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center wrote.

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