These Fun Facts About Donkeys Will Surprise You

Donkeys are definitely not getting the amount of respect they deserve. Despite being often labeled as unintelligent animals, donkeys played an important role in human history. They have been providing us with free work and transportation for thousands of years, helping the development of civilization, and continue doing so even today.

Let’s check out some fun facts about donkeys that will surprise you and help you learn more about them.

Donkeys Are Smart and Have Great Memory

It is a misconception that donkeys are not intelligent. Several studies have actually proved they are smart animals capable of problem-solving at the same level as dogs. Also, donkeys have an excellent memory and can remember complicated routes or areas they haven’t been to in years.

Donkeys Are Social Animals

Donkeys feel at their best in herds. They are social animals that love to be near their kind but are also able to develop deep bonds with other species.

Donkeys Are Not Stubborn

Donkeys are often viewed as stubborn because they sometimes don’t want to move or listen to orders. But studies have shown this is actually an act of self-preservation. They can sense the danger or unfavorable situations, and they simply decide to stay put.

Donkeys Are Sometimes Used As Guard Animals

There is more to donkeys’ skill set than working and transporting humans. They can also be trained to serve as guard animals due to their aggressive stance towards coyotes, wolfs, and similar predators. 

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