Check Out These Surprising Facts About Mosquitoes

It’s springtime again, and you know what that means; those pesky mosquitoes are out to get us again. But you shouldn’t hate on them too much, they play an important role in the Earth’s ecosystem. Also, they are quite interesting insects, as you can see by these surprising facts below.

Mosquitoes Can Drink a Lot of Blood

When they find prey of their liking, mosquitoes will make sure they have a proper feast. Some species are able to drink three-times their body weight in blood in one sitting.

Mosquitoes Are Surprisingly Slow

It might seem that mosquitoes are lightning fast when you are chasing them around, but the fact is that they are quite slow. They reach an average speed of 1.5 miles per hour in flight, which is a lot slower compared to bees or flies.

Only Female Mosquitoes Bite

If you are bitten by a mosquito, know that the bite came from a female. Female mosquitoes need the protein in the blood to be able to produce eggs. The males, on the other hand, satisfy themselves with nectar from the plants.

Mosquitoes Prefer to Bite Animals Instead of Humans

When they have a choice, mosquitoes prefer animals instead of humans. They usually target horses, cattle, and sometimes birds when looking for a victim.

Mosquitoes Are the Deadliest Creatures on the Planet

Mosquitoes have the reputation of being among the deadliest creatures on the planet. This is because they carry all sorts of deadly diseases and viruses.

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