Social Media Sensation Fig Proves That Tortoises Make Great Pets

Having a tortoise as a pet may not be the most conventional choice, but that didn’t stop the social media star Chas from welcoming one into her home. Her tortoise Fig became a true Instagram sensation, and he’ll convince you that turtles can make amazing pets.

Chas is the mastermind behind the Instagram page @through.the.lleaves, who has 800,000 Instagram followers under her belt. She describes herself as a “shamelessly extra pet parent”, who has four cats Kusa, Gouda, Beifong, and Seymour, a dog Zuko, a lizard Goji, and the absolute star of the show – the tortoise Fig.

Fig became a true sensation after Chas shared a video that captures one day in his life, showing him doing everything from hanging around with cats to playing in a bowl of water and enjoying a fun day outside.

Chas’ videos make the whole thing look easy, but she admits everyone should think twice before adopting a pet tortoise.

“Tortoises are such a huge commitment. They grow to be SO big and need a lot of outdoor space to roam… They are absolutely wonderful pets, so smart, have amazing personalities, but are one of the hardest pets to own so please consider this,” she explained on her Instagram page.

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