Watch as Momo the Cat Makes Pottery With His Owner

Animals can be quite creative when given a chance. Just take a look at a cat named Momo, who makes pottery with his owner.

In a viral video recently posted on TikTok, Momo can be seen being held by his owner, Sophia, while he is shaping the clay placed on a pottery wheel with his paws. He meticulously works the piece until he is satisfied with how it looks. As you might imagine, his creation is quite unique.

Momo’s pottery video ended up quickly spreading across social media, being viewed more than 46 million times. Other TikTok users flocked to the comments section to praise the cat for his creativity and say that they want to own his pottery.

“looks like he’s been doing this his whole life,” one user commented.

“I’d pay double for pottery with imperfections from cats, like lil paw stamps,” another added.

Sophia later shared in response to comments that Momo’s pottery will actually go on sale soon, so anyone who likes his pieces can own them. She also shared a number of other videos that show Momo working with clay. You can check them out by continuing to scroll. 


momo designs an elegant shallow bowl #cat #pottery

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