Woman Searches for Her Missing Dog, Finds Him Hanging Out with a Local Pack

X (former Twitter) user @dammitdemi from Kingston, Jamaica, recently shared an interesting thread about how she found out that her adorable pupper named Han Solo was regularly hanging out with a pack of local dogs without her even knowing it.

Han Solo frequently goes out by himself and explores the neighborhood, but he always comes back home on time. However, the other day, the dog didn’t return in time, prompting @dammitdemi to embark on a search for him, which she documented on social media.

Thanks to a tracker on his collar, @dammitdemi knew that Han Solo was at the local golf club, one of the places he enjoys visiting, so she went out to get him.

“Too many hours had passed and my mother had begun to worry… So naturally, I put on some walking gear, grabbed the leash and his favourite ball as I took to the golf course! “wrote @dammitdemi in one of the posts.

After arriving to the golf club, @dammitdemi discovered that Han Solo wasn’t there. As it turned out, the tracking app hasn’t been updated in a while. She started searching for the dog and even contacted his veterinarian for advice.

But suddenly, she heard some barking nearby and decided to check it out. At the same time, the app notified her that Han Solo “has been found.” What she so next caught her by surprise.

It turned out that Han Solo was so caught up playing with other dogs that he lost track of time.

@dammitdemi ended up putting Han Solo on a leash, but he still allowed him to play with his friends for a bit longer before taking him home.

She promised that he would get to see them again, but this time under supervision.

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