Beautiful Scene of Mama Manatee Hugging Its Baby Was Captured on Camera

One guide from eco tour agency Get Up And Go Kayaking recently witnessed a beautiful scene of a mama manatee hugging its baby at a Silver Springs State Park. Fortunately, they had a camera and managed to capture this heartwarming moment.

In the video posted on Get Up And Go Kayaking social media back in February, mama manatee can be seen approaching its baby underwater and wrapping its flippers around it. The baby manatee then gives its mama a kiss on the cheek.

Instagram users were amazed by the clip and made sure to share their thoughts in the comments section.

“How precious the way the mom hugs the baby with her flipper -so adorable,” one user wrote.

“Awwwwww are you kidding me with how cute this is?!” another added.

Get Up And Go Kayaking shared a follow-up video several days later showing that mama manatee is still keeping its baby close to her. They also shared instructions for visitors of Silver Springs State Park in case they spot the duo.

“If you see this duo along the Silver River, make sure to keep a safe distance as it’s very important that new baby manatees have the ability to get air when they need and the mama has room to feed her and graze as she’s working hard to keep her baby healthy,” it says in the caption of the video.

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