James Manzo Came Up with a Creative Way to Feed Local Hummingbirds

James Manzo had trouble adjusting to his new home after moving from New Jersey to Oakland, but he quickly found friends in an unexpected place. He became a true social media sensation after starting to wear elaborate disguises in an attempt to befriend and feed hummingbirds in his neighborhood.

Manzo is a San Francisco park ranger, who was going through many changes in 2019. He suffered a huge blow after his aunt and grandmother both passed away and eventually decided to start anew in Oakland, where he moved from New Jersey with his partner.

He was in a pretty dark place until a tiny hummingbird landed on his balcony, reminding him there was always a reason to smile. He felt happy for the first time in a really long time, despite all the terrible things that happened to him, so he decided to keep this source of joy around.

Hummingbirds became an important part of his life, and he started making elaborate costumes so he could feed them without scaring them off. He now describes himself as a “hummingbird whisperer” and “hum daddy”, and his viral videos helped him become a true sensation, with 700,000 TikTok followers under his belt.

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