Finnish Spitz Kiko Truly Knows How to Strike a Pose

It’s not always easy getting your dog to strike a pose when taking pictures, but Ashleigh Macpherson doesn’t have to deal with that problem. Her Finnish Spitz Kiko is a true natural in front of the camera, as long as her head is turned backward.

Kiko enjoyed turning her backward in her sleep ever since she was a puppy, and Macpherson didn’t give it much thought at first. She simply thought that Kiko liked sleeping “broken” which didn’t alarm her since dogs have a habit of sleeping in weird positions.

As time went by, Kiko started rotating her head to 180 degrees to look at other dogs and people, and Macpherson considered it a sign of affection.

“When I first saw her bend her head back to look at me, I was quite surprised but at the same time, I thought it was cute. I thought, ‘She must really want to keep her focus on me.’ And that she must love me so much that she doesn’t want to take her eyes off me,” she told The Dodo.

Kiko clearly loves seeing the world upside down, and people love seeing it through her eyes. She’s followed by 160,000 people on Instagram along with Macpherson’s other dogs, Kaya and Jinx.

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