Jeni Nguyen Designs Furniture for House Bunnies

After rescuing two bunnies and making them part of her family, designer Jeni Nguyen realized she wanted to find a way to make them feel more comfortable in her home. She looked for some furniture that would be fitting for rabbits but realized there wasn’t any. So, Nguyen designed some herself.

Nguyen created furniture that serves its original purpose but also provides a safe zone for bunnies. It effectively solves messy hay problems while also discreetly hiding the litter box.

“Our bond has strengthened immensely now that we can easily spend more time relaxing in the living room together,” she explains. “Best of all, their hay is no longer an issue, and they ended up loving me more in the process!”

Wanting to help other bunny owners, Nguyen launched a Kickstarter campaign to make her furniture available to the rest of the world. The campaign surpassed its original goal of 20K in just a few hours after being launched and is currently over $33K.

The original run will have two designs available: Bench and Credenza. Bench is a smaller piece and can be used as a large side table.

Credenza is suited for larger apartments, and your rabbit can use it as a full-time home.

The first production run of bunny furniture has already been completed and is shipping out to customers. So, if you want to make your and your bunny’s life a bit easier, make sure to check it out.

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