Cool Facts About Wolves You’ll Want to Share With Your Friends

Many look at wolves as a bigger and meaner version of the dog. And they actually are just that, since all dogs are direct descendants of wolves. But this isn’t the only interesting fact about wolves. There are many more that you can find out about below and later share with your friends.

Wolves are Much Bigger Than You Think

Photos and videos definitely don’t do wolves justice. They are much bigger than they seem, measuring up to 6.5 feet from their nose to the tip of their tail.

Wolves are Fast

Wolves can be fast when necessary. On short distances, wolves can reach a speed of up to 38 miles per hour. Also, they are known for endurance and will track their prey for hours if necessary.

Wolves Mate for Life

Wolves are true romantic souls of the wild. Once they find a mate, they will stay with them through thick and thin.

Wolves are Loyal to Their Pack

Wolves will put their individual needs in favor of the pack and are known to be extremely loyal to it. There were instances in which wolves would sacrifice their life in order to save the pack.

Wolves are Not a Big Threat to Humans

Despite looking dangerous, the truth is that dogs are actually not big of a threat to humans. According to official data, wolves attacked and killed humans in only two instances in the past 100 years in North America. Cows, on the other hand, kill 22 people a year in the U.S. alone.

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