Rare Yellow-Billed Loon Makes an Unexpected Visit to Las Vegas, Nevada

There are plenty of musicians, actors, and other celebrities visiting or performing in Las Vegas, Nevada, at all times. But this week, the biggest star in the city was a rare yellow-billed loon bird, spotted in the Bellagio resort’s fountain. 

Yellow-billed loons are commonly found in high Arctic tundra regions, so seeing one in Las Vegas was quite unexpected. In an effort to keep one of their “most exclusive guests” comfortable, Bellagio management decided to turn off their famous fountain display.

According to experts interviewed by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the bird was a youngling who was likely looking for shelter from the storm and got lost. It was previously spotted at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, which is 12.4 miles from Las Vegas.

After being informed about the yellow-billed loon’s visit, the Nevada Department of Wildlife sent their team of biologists to capture the bird and take it to a remote location where it could have access to more food sources and prepare better for the continuation of its migratory journey. There are currently less than 10,000 yellow-billed loons in the world, with the species being considered “Near Threatened.”

“According to the biologist who oversaw the capture, the bird had no apparent injuries and appeared to be in good health,” the Nevada Department of Wildlife said.

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