Cats Eats Through a Purse to Get to Her Treats

Cats are ready to go to extreme lengths to get what they want. A recent viral video shared by TikTok user @lycibxby is just another proof of that.

In the clip, @lycibxby documented her cat’s successful attempt to get its paws onto treats. The feline managed to eat through a bag and sealed package of treats before devouring every single one. As an added insult, she seemed quite content with herself and showed no remorse for her actions.

“she be tempting for them temptations,” @lycibxby wrote in the caption of the video that received 2.2 million views since being posted in February.

Other TikTok users were quite impressed with the cat’s determination as well as its audacity to act so calm after everything.

“The AUDACITY for them to act so chill after doing something so crazy,” one user commented.

“literally but i couldnt be mad at her bc shes so cute,” @lycibxby responded while later sharing that the cat fortunately didn’t get sick.

This just goes to show that no matter where you stash the food, the cats will find a way to get to it if they set their mind to it. And honestly, we can only admire that.

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