Woman Brings a Sick “Baby Hedgehog” to a Vet Only to Find Out It’s a Pom-Pom

One animal enthusiast from the UK recently made headlines for an unusual animal rescue. They believed they were rescuing a sick baby hedgehog when they brought it to a veterinarian, only to find out it was actually a pom-pom from a cap.

The story about this “rescue” was recently shared on the Facebook page of the animal charity organization Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve & Wildlife Hospital, from the small English town of Knutsford.

As it turns out, an anonymous woman found what she thought was a fluffy baby hedgehog on the pavement in front of her house. She decided to take it inside and attempted to feed it. After the “baby hedgehog” didn’t touch its food, she decided to take it to the animal hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, the staff checked the “baby hedgehog” and discovered that the fluffy thing was actually a pop-pop from a winter cap. The woman was quite “embarrassed” by her mistake but received praise for her good intentions.

“Remember, kindness knows no bounds, even when it’s to a faux furry friend!” Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve & Wildlife Hospital wrote in a caption of the video that detailed the story.

We hope that this mishap won’t discourage the woman from helping animals in need in the future. Because let’s face it, silly mistakes can happen to everyone and being kind is never a mistake.

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