Puppy Follows a Mountain Biker and Finds a New Home

Instagram user Sarah Penso recently shared a heartwarming story about how one dog secured itself a new home with persistence and charm.

Back in December, Penso was visiting her parents in La Azulita, Venezuela, and decided to go on a mountain bike ride. After a while, she noticed a small lost puppy following her. The puppy chased her bike and begged for attention while being the cutest little thing ever.

When she noticed there were no humans or homes around, Penso realized that the puppy was either a stray or abandoned. She decided to pick it up and put it in her backpack before making a 30-mile trip back to her parent’s home, which became the dog’s home as well.

Penso later shared several updates about the puppy, which is now called Neblina. The dog hasn’t been able to travel with her to Caracas, where she lived, so she was forced to leave it with her parents.

Eventually, she figured out that it is better for Neblina to stay put because she had a lot of space to run and play compared to the big city.

”I miss her but she is better there in Azulita,” Penso concluded in her most recent Instagram post featuring Neblina.

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