“Honey I Dressed the Pug” Takes Pet Fashion to the Next Level

Many pets become Instagram sensations thanks to their impeccable fashion sense, but none of them compares to Ari of “Honey I Dressed the Pug”. He’s the best-dressed puppy you’ll ever come across, and his owner Maitry Mody is the mastermind behind his amazing outfits.

Mody is an interior designer based in New York City who has a Bachelor’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her experience as a designer and costume stylist came in handy when she decided to start an Instagram page for Ari, which serves as a creative outlet that allowed her to combine her passion for fashion and her love for dogs.

“Honey I Dressed the Pug” was born, and it puts her adorable pup Ari front and center. He was named after Ari Gold from Entourage, and Mody describes him as a food lover and social butterfly who exudes charm and has a penchant for fashion.

After spending a few years in London, Ari and Mody now live in New York City, and each of their Instagram posts is worth waiting for. Ari exudes that pug swag in each post his owner shares with the world, and it’s always fun to see the fun looks Mody comes up with for her adorable dog—especially when they share show-stopping matching outfits.

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