Beth Hoyes’ Embroidery Captures the Undepreciated Beauty of Insects

Insects rarely get as much love as they deserve, but Beth Hoyes is here to change that. This embroidery artist is using her body of work to celebrate the incredible beauty of butterflies and other insects and raise awareness about their protection.

Hoyes is the mastermind behind Rabbit Hat Designs, and she’s based in Hampshire, England. She fell in love with embroidery while working on her art therapy accreditation in the United States, and she’s been honing her skills ever since.

Hoyes was in love with nature for as long as she can remember, and her family played a crucial role in helping her develop an appreciation for the great outdoors.

“I grew up in a rural area surrounded by animals, creatures, and plants, making stick dens with my brother, having a conservationist sister and a birder and plant lover mum, so I have a big love for everything outdoors,” she explains on her official website.

Hoyes’ art significantly developed over the years, but it’s not a surprise that insects are now one of her main subjects. She’s hoping her embroideries will highlight how many butterfly and insect species are vulnerable to climate change, and remind people how important it is to protect and nurture them.

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